DJ Pack-man - General Meep's Army07:07

DJ Pack-man - General Meep's Army


This song was the second track on DJ Pack-man's album, Kritical. The song was made in Garageband and FLStudio. It was released it in early January 2012.


  • General Meep was actually Meeperz's username on Steam around that time frame, and the idea of General Meep's Army was brough up in conversation about an army of mantis men.
  • The song features a sound clip refering to an army of children. This is actually a mod in the Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim .
  • The raspy voice heard in the song at certain points is actually the voice of Rainbow Dash from MLP:FiM .
  • The MLP:FiM fans (or Bronies/Pegasisters) started to embrace DJ Pack-man after this song was released. This is due in part to his usage of soundclips from the show.

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