Alright, listen up. We need to make sure that we don't encounter any paradoxes in our travels throughout time space and place and to prevent doing so you must take the basic precautions and always make sure that you think carfuly about EVERY, repeat, EVERY detail is not ignored in traveling universes and or their time lines if the universe is cabable of having a pheasable passage of travelable time. This means you must also consider quantam physics and machanics and of course, common sense. This means no fooling around to see what does what to this or, how differnt is this universe compared to mine. Just observe and report for anything out of the ordinary for that time and or space in that certain space. You might be thinking to yourself how exactly are we going to pull this off sucessfuly? Well the first step is contact all major leaders of this Earth. Second is to get their trust and get my theroies out there and proven. Next is to separate the atoms and sub atomic particles from the dark matter frame at or past the speed of light, perferibly past, using a high voltage low density plazmetic pulsation shock, then reforming the atoms and sub atomic particles back onto the frame while scaning it with the pulsation shock in hopes that the object will remain the same and such, I'm not going to go into deep detail into this to spare your precious time as well as mine. You get the picture though, paradox prevention on the multiversal scale!-The Captain